I am a web designer specializing in financial websites and minimalist styles.  I began creating websites for enjoyment in 2012.  However, what started as a hobby quickly turned into a business.  For me, creating websites is not a boring task, but an enjoyable challenge, meaning you can expect quality content, not the sub-par pages that come with designers tired of their work.


Soon after I began in web design, I saw a need for a cheaper, easier website.  Experts say a small business needs somewhere between two and twenty thousand dollars to create a website, this estimate is absolutely absurd.  CK Design is committed to providing your small business with a quality, professional website for a fraction of the cost of a large design firm.


CK Design creates both template-based websites, and custom, unique designs.  I can create a website that meets your small business needs, with e-mail and integrated contact forms.  Along with a website, I can create a logo for your small business that matches your theme and vision for your company.