Questions to ask CKDesign advises small businesses to ask their web developer these 20 questions before purchasing a new service, I have answered all 20 of these questions below.  View the original article HERE.

  1. Is it a site that you can easily update yourself?
    1. At CKDesign we use Adobe Muse, if you would like to purchase Muse yourself you can easily edit your website, otherwise CKDesign is happy to make any changes you want, whenever you want them made.
  2. Is the site a template or custom built?
    1. Our websites are both template, and custom built.  You can choose either one depending on your needs as a business
  3. What sites have they done recently for similar businesses?
    1. Check out our portfolio page for live examples of our recent websites.
  4. Who will host the website? And are there one-off fees, monthly charges or maintenance fees?
    1. CKDesign has a dedicated server at, we pay all service fees, mothly fees, etc. When you are given a cost per year, this cost will not change due to any circumstances.
  5. Will the host be here or overseas?
    1. Our websites our hosted with dreamhost, based in Los Angeles, California.
  6. Is the site backed up?
    1. All of our websites are automatically backed up at least once a week.
  7. What are the support and training costs?
    1. We do not have any support or training costs, if you require help, we are glad to assist for free.
  8. Will they be responsible for the artwork and creative or is that something you have to take care of? Will they upload the foundation text and images?
    1. We will find all creative content, unless you have images you wish to use yourself, Stock Photo costs may be added to your invoice depending on the amount you require.
  9. How long will it take for the site to go live?
    1. A template-based website will take under a week if everything runs smoothly.  Custom websites are much more time consuming, and can take up to 6 weeks, usually around 3 weeks.
  10. Can they provide a timetable of milestones for each stage of development?
    1. We keep in touch with our clients as much as possible, a live website showing edits will be available for free.
  11. What is the cost of initial search engine optimisation (SEO) and for ongoing SEO?
    1. SEO can cost as little or as much as you wish, the more you put in, the more you get out.
  12. Can they build email capability into the site and provide analytics for the database?
    1. All websites come standard with e-mail capabilities.  We can provide analytics if you require them.
  13. Will Google Analytics be running on the site and will stats be available on the website’s dashboard?
    1. Google Analytics will run on all websites, and we will give you access to your Google Analytics account.
  14. Will there be an extra cost to add pages down the track?
    1. No extra costs will be incurred unless you request many pages, or require extensive page redesign or plugin help.
  15. Can they add social media icons to the site?
    1. We will add any social media icons you wish for and integrate facebook feeds and more, we do not ,however, manage social media for you.
  16. Can they add custom forms for capturing information and does this feed into the database on the site?
    1. We can add custom forms that e-mail you whatever information you require, currently we have not created any databases for a  website, but we can if you require it.
  17. Which areas are changeable and which are static?
    1. All areas of a website are changeable.  As long as your changes are not extremely extensive they will be completed fast and for free.
  18. How will images be managed in the back end? Is there a gallery?
    1. CKDesign can host you images however you wish, traditionally we use a photo sharing website such as flickr which dumps into a slideshow gallery.  You can easily add or subtract images from your gallery by using your account on the image sharing website.
  19. Do you want your home page to include web banners?
    1. If you wish for web banners they can be inserted.
  20. Can they integrate a blog or news feed (RSS)?
    1. We use wordpress as a blog setup.  You can edit your blogs easily through the Wordpress panel, and all edits are automatically updated to the website.